Covid Diet: What Should You Eat ?


The Coronavirus disease (COVID-2019) is an infectious disease which spreads due to the recently discovered virus “Coronavirus”. This COVID-19 can be spread via contact with bodily fluids like sneezing, droplets in a cough. It can affect any age group. Younger generation is less vulnerable but can still develop COVID-19.

Persons who are old and having diseases like High blood pressure, diabetes, Asthma, Heart disease may develop serious illness more often than others. (By WHO)

People with weakened immune systems have increased risk of this disease.

Novel coronavirus can cause symptoms like 

  • Cough
  • Fever
  • runny nose
  • sore throat

Those persons with weak immune system may develop other severe symptoms like pneumonia bronchitis and difficulty in breathing.


As we know that there is no vaccine to treat coronavirus yet.  There are some preventive measures so that people can prevent themselves from coronavirus disease.

  • Do Frequent hand washing. Wash hands with soap and water for atleast 20 seconds or use alcohol based hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol.
  • People should practice social distancing and Stay at home.
  • You should cough into the bend of your elbow. Don’t cough in your hands.
  • Avoid touching your nose, hands and eyes.


As there is no medicine for COVID-19 as of now so take preventive measures. Prevention is the only cure for this disease.

  1. People should consume healthy liquids like mint water, lemon water, ginger water, tulsi water and keep yourself hydrated whole day . 
  2. Take warm water throughout the day.
  3. Eat well cooked homemade food which should be slightly warm as coronavirus didn’t survive in hot medium.
  4. You have to avoid foods which forms mucus for example: – cold drinks, ice creams, banana, cakes, guava, cold milk, curd, buttermilk and other cold or frozen foods.
  5. Do not take non seasonal fruits and vegetables.
  6. Consume cooked vegetables and grains. Also add whole grains and whole pulses in your daily diet.
  7. You need to take regular protein in your diet. 
  8. If you are consuming eggs or chicken then proper boil it and cook well. Do not refrigerate it.
  9. You should increase Vitamin C in your daily diet. For this, consume lemon water regularly. Eat vitamin C rich fruits like Amla, Orange, pomegranate, strawberries etc.
  10. Increase Vitamin A and E in your diet. Add nuts like walnuts, almonds in your diet. If you cannot add nuts in your diet then add boiled peanuts at least 20-25 gms . Take sunflower seeds and alsi.
  11. Consume pulses like channa, masoor, arhar, soybean in your one meal at least.
  12. Take a glass of hot milk and add half tsp. haldi and drink daily.
  13. Do not eat junk foods.
  14. Do not take packed food items. 
  15. Eat green leafy vegetables like spinach, sarson, methi leaves etc.

Boost your immune system as we know that people with weak immune system are at risk for coronavirus.

  1. You need to take immunity building foods for example:- Haldi, Ashwagandha, tulsi drops, jaggery, ginger, 
  2. You should take proper rest to boost your immune system.
  3. You need to do physical activity at least 40 minutes daily. Do indoor exercises. You can do yoga, pranayama and meditation.
  4. Take 1 tsp. Chyavanprash daily in the morning. For Diabetics, you should take sugar free Chyavanprash. 
  5. Drink herbal tea (Kadha) made from Tulsi, Dalchini, Kalimirch, Shunthi (Dry Ginger) and Munakka. You can add jaggery for the taste. 
  6. You can apply coconut oil or Ghee in both the nostrils in morning and evening.


  1. You should keep your lungs clean with regular steam. You can add ajwain or mint leaves in your steam water.
  2. Do gargles with warm salty water regularly. 
  3. You need to quarantine yourself.
  4. Prayer.
  5. Be positive.
  6. You can do your interesting activities. Rather stressed you at home enjoy with your family.
  7. Meditate.
  8. Stay home and stay safe.

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